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Linear Capping machine

Being a prominent organization, we are dedicatedly indulged in providing supreme quality assortment of Linear Bottle Capping Machine. Linear Bottle Capping Machine is of superior quality that distinguishes it from other variants in the market. Owing to their special attributes such as high efficiency, optimum performance and smooth functioning, the linear capping machines offered by us are high in demand in the market. This is high speed fully automatic machine for high production capacity.

Linear Capping Machine

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Linear Capping Machines, which is in hugely demand among the clients across the globe due to its longer working life and high performance. Linear Capping Machine is manufactured using advanced technology and used for capping different kinds of bottles. Linear chuck caper and Side roller caper system Sturdy construction Longer working life High performance Corrosion resistant


Mitsubishi make plc. system with 4″ Touch Screen and VFD control for conveyor speed control Contact parts in Stainless steel 304 quality Body frame made up of Stainless steel or M.S powder coated No change parts required for different bottle size Motorized Bowl or Cap elevator for orientation of caps 8 feet conveyor with 6 Inches stainless steel slats Pneumatically operated head diving system In built memory to store 25 setting data Power 415 Volts 3 Phase 5D Hz. Available from 1 to 4 head.


Chemicals Food Products Edible Oil Paints Lubricants Pharmaceuticals Kindly download attached pdf for more info.

This automatic inline capper is a high speed capper applicable for round, rectangular and most irregular bottles and Bottles. A noiseless cap elevator to unscramble and feed caps for capping system. Unique design requires no changeover parts and no tools when changing caps size. Custom available to meet specific requirement by our customers.

The feed container moving on conveyor belt are feed directly in linear capping unit bringing the container in line with the sealing heads, meanwhile the bottle pick up a cap from the delivery chute of cap filling bowl, where the body and the neck of the container are positioned in line with rotating head, where the sealing head is performing perfect operation of Torque screwing.

Features of Linear Capping machine:

  • No container and no cap arrangement
  • S. elegantly matt finished body
  • Adjustable height of conveyor belt, to align with other machine of the line
  • Specially designed hopper is provided to increase storage capacity of bowl
  • Low noise level & power consumption
  • Adjustable bottle height gauge for easy and quick setting
  • Nitrogen fussing nozzles before cap delivery chute

Inline Capping machine Depending on customer output needs, It specially designed for the tightening of pre-threaded caps and consists of a linear capping unit, stainless Steel slat conveyor and gripping belt assembly, The filled bottle coming with cap chute and pick up cap with the cap comes on an in-feed conveyor where the cap is tightened by three/ four roller wheel pairs of rollers while it is being held by the gripping belt.

Linear Capping Machine

The speed of the slat conveyor and bottle gripping belt is synchronized and can be varied by AC variable inverter drive. The inline capper machine can be provided with the Cap elevator, rotary / vibratory feeding system for automatic cap dispensing, this systems fixed by our production team as per cap and bottle designed. Inline capper / linear screw capping machine best suitable for Detergents, Oils , Liquid soaps , Household/janitorial cleaners , Glue/Adhesives ,Household cleansers , Herbicides , Polishes , Lube oil, edible oil, Pesticide , cosmetic bottle glass jar or bottle, Jerry can, lubricant can, HDPE jar or bottle, PET jar or bottle Inline / Linear belt gripper type capping machine suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Breweries, Edible Oil, Food, Distilleries, pesticides, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Lube, Ancillaries etc.

Linear screw capping machine is a high-speed capping applicable for round, rectangular and most irregular bottles. A noiseless cap elevator to unscramble and feed caps for capping system. Unique design requires no change parts and no tools when changing caps size. Custom available to meet specific requirement by our customers. Our Machine is suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, pesticides, Distilleries & Breweries, Petroleum, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Food & Ancillaries Industries etc.

It works on the basic principle of to seal the filled Bottle. This model consists of Linear Screw Capping Device. The filled bottles have to be loaded on the Conveyor and Conveyor transfers the bottle from one end to other end.

During the transportation of the bottle, there is one device fitted on the body which picks up the bottle and convey the bottle with gripping with the help of pressing device. When the bottle enters into pressing device, there are Six Sealing Rollers mounted on the Sealing Head and Sealing Head is mounted on the machine which is adjustable in height and width. The sealing rollers are provided with separate A.C. Frequency Drive so that we can adjust speed of the Sealing Roller and tightening the cap.

This automatic capping machine is designed to cap various kinds of caps on to different types of bottles and containers. The machines are available in single-head; 4-head; 6-head; 8-head; and 12-head models for various output requirements.

Automatic Linear Capping Machine

The Machine is synchronized with VFD for the smooth transfer of filled bottles to the sealing station, avoiding any damages or scratches. Furthermore, the sealing heads are designed to deliver uniform torque, ensuring perfect sealing quality with zero leakages.

Our machines are suitable and can be used for various kinds of caps including ROPP, Screw, Press-on-type, CRC and Guala with their respective change parts.

Specification of Linear Capping machine


  • Machine is suitable for ROPP / Screw / Press-on type of caps with suitable accessories
  • Excellent sealing quality due to proven design of sealing heads
  • Sturdy / rigid design & no need of foundation
  • Quick changeover
  • Auto height setting with respect to bottle
  • No bottle No cap facility
  • Optional features – Pick & place, PLC, Auto Cap feeding, No cap in hopper machine stops

Linear capping machine global demand

The Linear capping machine is manufactured with a high quality of raw materials and by using the latest technology. The automatic capping machine is durable, flexible and works with different types of containers and caps. The automatic capping machine provides durable finish standards, rust proof, and flawlessly finished packaging. The automatic capping machine has a wide range of applications in several industries.

This machine saves the time of manufacturers for capping of the bottles of the product. The automatic capping machine has dual servo driven system control for bottles capping functions to ensure that caps are properly tightened so that product meet perfection when it is sent to the market for sales..


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