Reliable Pick And Place Bottle Capping Machine

Reliable Pick And Place Bottle Capping Machine

A Capping Machine is used to safely apply plastic or metallic threaded caps, lids, snap caps, plugs, and different comparable closures to bottles or packing containers at low and extraordinarily excessive speeds.

There are 3 fundamental forms of the device of capping machine: manual, semi-automated, and automated. Manual capping machines are a useful resource withinside the placing or holding of products. Operators are liable for maximum controls and activities.

The Pick and Place Capping Machine is an automated measuring or dosing cup placement and pressing device to offer correct capping with no rejection. This system is designed specifically for unique cause bins and contains an association to choose caps one at a time with a custom-designed mechanism to be located at the bottle heads.

Specially designed pneumatically operated gripper kind pick and place with torque adjustment rotary plastic screw capping system appropriate for screw cap or snap/press-fit caps.

Bottles getting into the system are transferred to the turret star wheel wherein they may be located in the star wheel wallet to exactly align them under the capping heads. The rotating head with the cap descends onto the bottle and applies the cap with the favored torque.

  • This system does now no longer require any arrangement of container or cap
  • It has a Stainless Still elegantly matt completed body.
  • This Machine has Single motor synchronizes conveyor, star wheel.
  • Conveyor belt with Adjustable peak to align with other machines of the line.
  • There could be very low noise at the same time as processing and low electricity consumption

An extra more advantageous model of screw capping system, the Pick & Place kind screw capping system moreover includes a rotating head and a cam to pick up the cap and screw it on the pinnacle of the bottle. Our services encompass pick & place kind screw capping system with various manufacturing prices as in step with the requirement.

The pick and place screw capper system comes up with a torque adjustable association giving the choice of running at numerous torque ranges as in step with the necessity. The output variety varies from 2400/hour to 12000/hour.

Automatic Pick & Place Bottle Screw Capping Machine is flexibly designed with pneumatically operated gripper kind pick and place with torque adjustment rotary plastic screw capping system appropriate for screw cap or snap/press in shape caps.

The automated capper designed for the pick and place machines can cope with specific sizes and varieties of caps like flat caps, flip tops or even trigger sprays and simply with an easy tool-unfastened adjustment and simplicity of operation.

  • Reliability Consistency and Security- When the capping process is streamlined in a choose and region way, the biggest gain is the repeatable movement of the system.
  • Speed and Versatility- The automated cappers can boom the size of manufacturing effortlessly thru the cap transport gadget via way of means of putting bulk caps right into a hopper from time to time.
  • Integration- Most automated cappers are designed for short variation to the prevailing packaging line.
  • Smooth and Accurate Container dealing with- The completely interlocked protection cupboard guarantees a clean and correct box dealing in a manner that guarantees much less harm and wastage.

Pick and Place Screw Capping system for you to be used for specific screw capping packages which include food & beverages, pharmaceutical, pesticides, distilleries, cosmetics, toiletries, personal care, chemical, oil, etc. The Machine is often supplied with an Orientation type Cap Feeder Elevator or Vibratory kind Bowl Feeder relying on cap form and size for keeps feeding of Cap for online operation on any liquid of powder filling line.

The automatic Pick and Place sealing system is flexible and self-supported on a chrome steel leg with a peak adjustable adjustment gadget. The system is precision constructed on a strong welded metallic body enclosed in stainless steel sheet and doorways are supplied to facilitate the servicing of the system

Capping machine for Pharmaceutical , Agro , Food & Beverage, Dairy, Oil Industry , Hair oil, Edible / Mustard, / Lube & Cooking, Healthcare, Toiletry and Cosmetics , Personal Care, Logistics, E-Liquid/Vaping, Medical Device and many more ,
Bottle Plug & Cap Pressing Machine

Bottle Plug & Cap Pressing Machine

The pick and place capping machine is designed and manufactured for the caps which can not directly feeding on the bottles, it is mostly using for daily chemicals bottles and caps, cosmetics container capping, and pilfer-proof caps.

The pick and place (P&P) is an automatic pick and place capper designed to automatically pick, place, and torque caps for PET, PVC, and glass bottles. The bottle capping machine is designed with a star wheel indexing system to control and handle flimsy bottles. In addition, the star wheel assists in keeping bottles stationary as torque is being applied.

auto pick and place capper is designed to handle most bottle types including PET, PVC, plastic, and glass. To eliminate damage to caps, the pick and place capper comes with adjustable electronic torque values.

Working Principle

The filled bottles moving on conveyor belt and fed into an in feed star wheel by in-feed worm. While moving in feed star wheel, bottles pick up caps one by one from delivery chute. The descending rotary sealing heads hold bottle’s neck with desired pressure. The sealing is done in a programmed roll-on manner, accurate positioned of the caps is done mechanically by means of a rotating unscramble, to direct the caps correctly into the chute, when the chute is filled up the rotating unscramble drive is disengaged, hence, there is no chance to damage of caps. The sealing roller takes place due to rotating sealing head and transfer movement of sealing threading rollers due to sealing cam. The sealed bottles are discharged by exist star wheel on conveyors.

This machine combines bottle-in, cap-sorter, cap-elevator,capping and bottle-out altogether in one. Suitable for all kinds of plastic bottles, glass metal bottles, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The rotary structure ,catching the lid in the certain position, stable and reliable. It does no harm to bottle and lid. High capping efficiency, high qualified rate of capping, and wide application which enjoys good competitiveness that can be compared with foreign products. It is applicable to varies size of glass and plastic bottles and caps. The whole machine is controlled by the PLC, touch screen interface and convenient operation.

automatically sending bottle, cap sorting, grasp cap and capping. Capping head use pneumatic tighten the caps,it will not damage the bottle and caps during capping. Bottle feed screw, rotary mould, capping heads are all moulded production, easy to assemble and remove wire, simple and convenient to replace when change bottle shapes. Parts of long service life, smooth operation, low noise, wide range of application, high screw rate.The surface has been polished, beautiful and generous, the machine production speed is adjustable, conducive to assembly line, is the ideal choice of the large, medium-sized packing workshop.


1. The main engine can use motor to adjust the height.

2. Modular design,which allows you to switch bottle specifications in 10 minutes without using a tool.

3. The cap torque can be adjusted to ensure that the torque does not hurt the cap.

4. Double optical sensors of cap sorter check the cap to ensure the accuracy of the cap.

5. The machine can be equipped with slanting cover, no cover, no aluminum foil removal inspection device.


1. The whole machine can automatically complete bottle feeding, capping, upper capping, capping, and finished product transportation, and the whole process is automatic.

2. It adopts PLC programmable controller of international famous brand, with adjustable speed frequency and automatic counting function.

3. Adopt linear screw bottle feeding (specifically according to the sample bottle), the bottle feeding is continuous and smooth, no bottle clamping and bottle breaking phenomenon, to ensure the orderly, stable, smooth and safe bottle feeding.

4. Adopting automatic lid management system, linear track conveying and automatic lid loading.

5. This machine can operate alone or in line with other equipment to form an automatic production line for filling and sealing.

6. Adopt brand human-machine interface touch screen control, data display at a glance, convenient operation.

7. The whole machine body appearance is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

8. The internal part of the capping head and the contact part of the lid are made of flexible material to ensure that the capping head will not bruise and damage the lid when capping.


Rripper type pick and place rotary plastic screw capping machine with torque adjustment suited for screw cap or snap/press fit caps.

Bottles entering the machine are transported to the turret star wheel, where they are perfectly aligned beneath the capping heads by placing them in the star wheel pockets. The cap-equipped rotating head lowers onto the bottle and attaches the cap with the required torque.

Capping machine for various capping applications such as food and drinks, pharmaceutical, insecticides, distilleries, cosmetic, toiletries, personal care, chemical, oil, and so on. A wide range of freestanding Automatic capping machines as well as Mono-block with liquid filling or powder filling systems are available. Machines are frequently equipped with cap Elevator.

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